CaseControl is a case-building software system “in the cloud”, developed using the latest technologies. The application and the data are hosted on AWS servers, so they are secure and scalable.

The starting point for the development is that employees who work on cases can handle all their tasks from 1 central environment, such as calling, e-mailing, enriching and reporting. They are supported by a powerful workflow system that can handle repetitive tasks so that employees can devote their time and attention to the exceptions.
Links with the outside world are available via API connection so that services such as data enrichment, SMS messages or payment solutions can be easily switched on.

AWS Hosting

Sensitive information in cases requires a high degree of security. That is why the data is stored on Amazon servers (AWS). The databases are redundant and are continuously synced so that in the event of a problem at one data center it will switch seamlessly to another data center. Documents and backups are stored on Amazon’s S3 system.

Two-factor authentication is standard and we support Single Sign On (SSO).

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