Legal professionals

Debt collection agencies and debt collection lawyers find the optimum combination of ease of use and extensive functionality in CaseControl. All forms of calculation of collection costs, fines, interests and additional costs are supported. Extensive payment arrangement functionality, API connections, flexible declaration agreements and a powerful workflow system ensure an efficient system with maximum return for both clients and your own organization.

CaseControl is set up as a platform

The central heart is formed by a robust and fast database and the CaseControl application. Systems such as accounting software, CRM packages or credit management software can be connected by means of API links. Linking with external services such as telephony, SMS messages and payment solutions ensures efficiency. Portals give customers, clients and third parties the opportunity to monitor their cases or add value.

CaseControl pages are fully responsive

Whether the application is used in an office environment with wide monitors, by home workers on a laptop or by field staff: CaseControl automatically scales to the available screen size.

Reporting and Dashboarding

A good and extensive set of reports is of the utmost importance not only for monitoring lead times and results, but also for reporting to clients and stakeholders. And interactive dashboards ensure that employees and management receive direct feedback about the situation in their portfolios. That is why CaseControl has extensive tools in this area, and we also make the underlying data available for your own BI applications. To measure is to know, and to know is to improve!

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